Why Get Touches On The Ball Every Day

Do you REALLY want to become a better soccer player?

Do you think just going to soccer practice 2-3 times per week will make this happen?

From Renegade Soccer Training, “In US soccer practice, players are averaging anywhere between 300-400 touches a session. Most players practice 3 times a week with a few games on the weekends. This means, that on average, players are getting around 1500 touches a week.

Looking at our European and South American neighbors, we see that these players are averaging close to 10,000 touches a practice.

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So if you REALLY want to become a better soccer player you NEED to get more touches on the ball.

Improvement occurs with correctly and consistently implemented fundamentals.

A player doesn’t need a coach to complete 10,000 touches a day, which is part of the problem. Some young players assume they need constant guidance and supervision and won’t train otherwise, which is, again, a cultural issue rampant with reward-seeking and needy players. There great news is that there are many options for players to do home soccer training on their own.

We started this website basically for our own use just to have some go to videos to show some of our players options they could do at home.  So this website does have some options but there are literally thousands of websites and YouTube videos with great resources for doing at home soccer training on your own.

For a very reasonable price there are also some full at home soccer training programs such as BeastMode Soccer Training and Renegade Soccer Training.  Seriously, these systems are less than $300 and are well worth the cost.  Both systems are actually planning on coming out with an App as well so you can easily take your training with you wherever you go.